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WP3 European Curriculum Design TOOLKIT

Toolkit Themes and Topics – March 2019

The DESTIN WP3 Needs Assessment (Bath FEB 2019) identified  7 main (core) headings which needed to be addressed through this DESTIN TOOLKIT…

Pedagogy – T+L Strategies
Programme Design
Learning Outcomes
Module Design
Assessment and Feedback

Other topics will be dealt with through these core headings.
The DESTIN WP3 Needs Assessment identified these additional topics (in order of priority):
QA for Institutions (especially how it relates to and affects programme design * Workloads * SER (Self Evaluation Report) documentation * Student Surveys  * Student Assessment * Student Centred Learning (SCL) * Peer Review * Levels of Award * Student Handbook * Credits/ECTS.

HOW will we address our core headings through any DESTIN TOOLKIT?

We’re using the Tempus ALIGN Guidelines as the start point for our DESTIN toolkit.
We’re attempting to update the ALIGN materials, to make them more relevant to the current (2019) Ukrainian and EU HE context. In addition, we’re trying to keep the TOOLKIT materials relevant and useable.

Each Topic or Heading will be based on modularised PACKETS (we’re NOT calling them modules). Some headings will be dealt with in one or two PACKETS. Other headings may require many more PACKETS (in other words, the TOOLKIT should be elastic and scaleable).

The DESTIN toolkit is an architecture, rather than a finished building. We’re hoping that DESTIN partner HEIs will prepare and upload their own documents, resources, instances of best practice, checklists and workshops, eventually replacing the documents we start with here.

Each PACKET will have an introductory text, explaining what subjects and topics the packet will address and how the packet will work.

Each PACKET will have explanatory text resources. Each PACKET should be accomplished by a learner or programme team in a short time? Larger packets should be broken down into smaller, more doable packets. Each PACKET will also have links to other (external) pdf and video resources (additional or supplementary OERs (Open Educational Resources) (eg UCD or Plymouth University 7 Steps).

Over time, we hope to add video resources, screencasts, e-learning components, training workshops and short tests to our DESTIN TOOLKIT.

Tempus ALIGN Guidelines document (full 47 page document)

This document is the start point for our DESTIN WP3 TOOLKIT

www.davidquin.ie/ALIGN Guidelines for Aligning or Checking the Alignment of an academic programme V1.0 Final-1.pdf

next: DESTIN TOOLKIT Index https://quindpdp.blogspot.com/2019/05/wp3european-curriculum-design-toolkit.html 

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