Monday, 19 October 2015

UCD Science Expressions from 2013

UCD's Dr. Brendan Rooney directed me towards this UCD Science Expressions website which features two of our 3rd year group animations from 2013 - 'Friends Fight Stigma' and 'Sanctity of Sport' (winner of the UCD Science Expressions competition in 2013 - I'm still trying to remember what prize we won exactly?). I never even knew the videos were online!

The projects were tough work at the time for some of our most brilliant DL041 Animation students, but there was great learning in the process.

UCD Science Expressions website

Sanctity of Sport (2013) on Youtube - Link to 'Friends Fight Stigma' on Youtube - Link to 'Sanctity of Sport' on Youtube

Monday, 12 October 2015

SKVC panel - Lithuania

Just returned from a week-long programmatic review panel for SKVC in Lithuania. Thanks to Annie, for expertly Chairing, to Natalia for facilitating our work and special thanks to my fellow panel members and new friends Julia, Vilma, Mika and Peter! Four programmes reviewed in Kaunas, Klaipeda and Vilnius. Return to Lithuania at the end of November.

Biznis Pelikan - Vilnius

Genocide Museum - Vilnius

 VMU Kaunas

VAA Klaipeda - photography

team in Klaipeda (image from Annie)

Baltic near Klaipeda

Near Klaipeda

VTDK - exhibition space

VTDK - animation

VTDK - animation

VTDK - animation studio

VTDK - animation

VTDK - animation

VTDK - animation

VTDK - digital editing

VTDK - photography

VTDK - sound studio

VTDK - library 

VTDK - tv studio