Tuesday, 22 May 2018

DAAD TCA - Transnational Cooperation Activity - Bonn 16th and 17th May 2018

Grateful thanks to Klaus Birk and Beate Koerner's excellent DAAD team for their invitation to attend the Transnational Cooperation Activity 'Dissemination, Sustainability and Impact in Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships'. Over 30 National Agencies represented, including our very own HEA. I participated in two Day One Fishbowl sessions with Maggy Ovaa and Francesco Girotti, moderated by Valeria Biggi - very interesting format.

Some central learning through the two days - start every project application with 'impact' - what do you want to achieve? Dissemination also must start with the greenlight of any project, and must keep going all through your project, not happen at the end with the publication of reports etc. Great idea to develop a dissemination plan before you start, and a communications plan - make certain that all partners agree to communicate through the same platforms or channels. On sustainability - the Commission seems very keen that open access, online courses (including non formal courses) should be included as the outputs of more partnership projects - persistent digital resources adding to the knowledge base and CPD for years to come.

Some great tools demonstrated too, including two Impact assessment tools.

Great ideas! Well done and thanks to all!

opening address - DAAD's Klaus Birk

Maggy and the team test the Impact+ tool

Impact+ tool in action