Wednesday, 12 October 2016

'Proceeds of Crime' in IndieCork Film Festival

'Proceeds of Crime' continues to sneak into festivals! Thanks to Producer Jennie Kelly for her efforts on festival entries and applications etc! This Friday (14th October) the film heads up Indie Cork Film Festival's - Short Film, Programme 2 in the Gate Cinema...

'Proceeds of Crime' has also been accepted for next year's CMFF (Central Michigan Film Festival)

Lastly, some lovely praise for the film from Chicago Irish Film Festival director Judith Blackburn - a great supporter of my work and a staunch 'Mister Heaney' fan... Thank you Judith! We'll do what we can to screen 'Proceeds' at next year's Chicago Irish Film Festival! Application is on the way!

Death of Michiyo Yasuda - Ghibli colourist

BBC News article on the death of Michiyo Yasuda, Ghibli's most experienced colourist...