Friday, 19 July 2013

IADT Animation at 2013 Galway Film Fleadh

Great IADT DL041 Animation success at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh, with grads Claire Lennon, Matt Porter, Rory Kerr, John Peavoy, Natalie ni Chleirigh, Thomas Young, Alan O' Cuileann and Eamonn O' Neill all screening films. DQ also screened his disgraceful 'Furniture - Murder and Love' animation.

some of the 2013 IADT Galway screeners

Rory Kerr won 'Best First Animation' with his 'That's Not supposed to Happen' and Alan O' Cuileann won 'The Don Quijote Prize' with his Frameworks 'CODA'. Congrats to all - screeners and winners alike...

Matt Porter's image of winner Rory Kerr!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

DRHEA elss 2013 - video projects - 27th June

For my sins, I was walked into doing a workshop for the 2013 DRHEA ELearning Summer School. Thanks especially to Kevin O' Rourke and the elss crew for the invite! What I thought might be a simple hour-long presentation for a few participants turned into a frenzied 2-hour, 5 group, hands-on workshop for 50 lecturers - at the very edges of constructivist learning! Thanks also to Muiris O' Grady for hands-on assistance on the day!

here's me directing one of the chaotic crews, with IADT's Muiris O' Grady laughing at me!

Here are links to the various edited videos... Well done to all!

how to script for video...

why video for lecturers?

voice recording basics...

tripods or handheld...

how not to make a video... 

Dublin Castle - 20th June 2013

Still catching up on blogposts! On 20th June, IADT were asked to provide some students for the 2013 Digital Agenda Assembly. DL041 Animation's Emily Lynch did a realtime visualisation for Lord Putnam's Digital Ambassador speech. Well done Emily! Thanks also to Fiachra and Marcel for their participation.

here's part of Emily's visualisation with European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes, Minister Pat Rabbitte, Matt Cooper and Lord Putnam

here's Emily at work in Dublin Castle

and Emily's final visualisation...

AIT Capstone - 19th June 2013 - and a revelation!

July - just catching up on blogposts. Back on the 19th of June, we returned to AIT for the 2nd session of the T+L Capstone module. Great session! I feel this module will allow me finally to PLAN my professional development over the next few years.

Whilst doing the Learning Outcome Mapping Exercise for the module, I had something of a revelation, realising that the LIN T+L modules have been a most unusual postgraduate experience, because the learning from the modules has from the outset, plugged straight back into our professional practice to the benefit of our students. Quite unlike most 'normal' postgraduate activity.