Friday, 12 June 2015

'collage' in 2015 Galway Film Fleadh and no Frameworks

I did promise last year that 'A Warning To All Kings' would be my last self-funded short film ever! My latest animated short offering, a more experimental piece called 'collage' features multiple animation techniques and is 'an often abstract attempt to depict tortured lives and loves in the Ireland of 2015.'

The title of the piece is a respectful nod to filmmaker Sergei Parajanov, whose incredible house museum I look forward to returning to later this year, in Yerevan in Armenia. Imprisoned many times by the soviet authorities, Parajanov said 'I was not allowed to make movies and I started to make collages. Collage is a compressed film.'

Thanks to Ruth Matthews and Daniel Gallagher for the voices on 'collage' and thanks to ace producer Fionn Boland for looking after festival entries et cetera!

On a downside, my latest Frameworks application was shot down earlier this week - not even shortlisted, extremely disappointing. What can I say?