Sunday, 31 May 2015

A few of DQ's dark and scary works...

Janja Sacic has asked to see some images of some of my dark and scary works... Here are a few pieces from 2012 and 2013... Mixed media - wood, plastic, found objects, wire, fibre glass resin and lots of emotion! Click on the images to get in close...

DQ 2013 man girl and katy

DQ 2013 piece close up

DQ chernobyl high towers 2012

DQ girl 2013

DQ girl (reverse) 2013

DQ katy 2013

DQ man 2013

DQ man (reverse)

chernobyl high towers 2012 crop

DQ death of robert hughes August 2012

DQ man (again) 2013

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Return from Croatia!

The revalidation visits and meetings in Academy of Applied Arts University of Rijeka and in University of Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts are done, and I reluctantly return from Croatia!

Group shot - Branko, Dea, Marina, Egle, Davor, Janja, Goran and DQ in Rijeka (image by Egle)

Enormous thanks to our revalidation panel - Janja Sacic, Bozica Dea Matasic, Egle Ganda Bogdaniene, Branko Matulic and Vjeko Kis. It was a pleasure and an honour to work with you all. You have given me many new and valuable insights, lessons, perspectives and hopes for the future!

Huge appreciation too to AZVO's Davor Juric and Marina Grubisic, who kept us on time and on track and whose determined organisation of our training, visits, meetings, travel and accommodation allowed us every opportunity to focus on our tasks in hand! Thanks also to Goran for his expert translations!

There is much work to do in education in Croatia, but I have every confidence that the nation will take strength from its hugely important place in the history of art to guide the students of the future (from Croatia and from all over our globe) to become great artists and even greater human beings! Our work has truly been 'emotional labour', a very moving and inspirational experience. I learned many things and I promise that I will return to learn much more!

Thanks to all!

Kvarner Bay, Rijeka

Ceramics, Rijeka

Davor and Janje, Rijeka

Dea and Branko, Ceramics, Rijeka

Dea, Janje, Egle and Marina, Rijeka

Dean and Davor, Rijeka

Dean and Library, Rijeka

Egle and Erasmus ceramic student, Rijeka

Goran, Rijeka

Mosaics, Rijeka

Mosaics, Rijeka

Trip back to Zagreb from Rijeka

Art Academy Zagreb - Maca

Another Art Academy Zagreb Maca

Branko, Dean, Natalia, Vjeko, Davor, Marina and Goran, Art Academy Zagreb

Egle, Vjeko and Marina, Art Academy Zagreb

Dean's office, Art Academy Zagreb 

Branko, Egle, Dea and Professor, Art Academy Zagreb

Big plaster horse, DQ in Art Academy Zagreb

Librarians, Tania, Marina and Dea, Library, Art Academy Zagreb

Library, Art Academy Zagreb

Branko in Library, Art Academy Zagreb

first year space, Art Academy Zagreb

Vjeko, DQ, Dea and Life Drawing students, Art Academy Zagreb (image by Egle)

Life Drawing, Art Academy Zagreb

Life Drawing, Art Academy Zagreb

Sculpture, Art Academy Zagreb

A mysterious student and her dark works, Art Academy Zagreb

Mysterious student, DQ and Goran, Art Academy Zagreb (image by Egle)

Animation and New Media student, Art Academy Zagreb

Animation and New Media students, Art Academy Zagreb

Vjeko, Egle and Goran, Art Academy Zagreb

View through atelier window, Art Academy Zagreb

Statue of Jan Jelacica, Trg Bana Jelacica, Zagreb

Frankfurt Airport - blue screen of death (computer issues in Fraport delay Friday's flights)

On my very brief lightning tour of Zagreb centre, I nearly got to visit the 'Museum of Broken Relationships' - looks fascinating! Next time!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Croatia - Training and Rijeka

After intensive ASHE (Agency for Science and Higher Education) panel training in Zagreb, we minibus to Rijeka on the Adriatic coast. Great panel discussions. First site visit tomorrow. Views below from the hotel room...

expert panel training, ASHE HQ Zagreb, experts from across Europa

view from Hotel Jadran

the town looks like it was designed by Hayao Miyazaki