Tuesday, 21 May 2013

David Quin at 2013 Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival

7 windows in Schull have been transformed into what Fastnet Film Festival are calling 'a temporary museum' of 36 years of Quin family stopmotion animation! I installed the models on Saturday 18th May, with Katy, Thomas, Maria, Marie and Maurice - a long day, but everything worked great!

Mick Heaphey model in Film Festival Office, Schull

The windows are - Schull Dentist's (Bosco and Bailebeag), Festival Office (T'was a Terrible Hard Work), Headquarters Hairdressers (To Forget), Divecology (Dunin and Circus), Whyte's Bookshop (cutbacks), Arundel (The Art of Animation and Daisy Shoe, Floradora, Neddy). I've created a string of blogspots with information on each of the window themes...








Bailebeag characters in Schull Dentist's

On Saturday 25th at 16.00 in The Village Hall, I'll be doing my presentation on 'The Anatomy of An Internet Series'. On Sunday 26th, at 15.30, I'll be chairing a round-table discussion with Darragh O' Connell, Rob Cullen and Gerard O' Rourke 'Irish Animation - Boom or Bubble'.

10th May - AIT capstone

Friday the 10th of May and the AIT Teaching and Learning Capstone commences! On completion of this, I'll have earned a LIN Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning, which will allow my progression to Lecturer to finally proceed.

Thanks to Nuala Harding and Marion Palmer for leading the session - some good work done! This is Dave's scary mask from one of the reflective sessions - an expression of your professional practice. (I called it 'a Day in The Life of Dave').

Great to see Mick Mc Grath and John Ryan there! Our joint Teaching and Learning Network continues...

Friday, 3 May 2013

Silent - Pat Kinevane

Great night in The Source Theatre in Thurles - Thursday 2nd May, seeing Pat Kinevane's 'Silent' play. It's my second time seeing the play in two years and Pat's really developed it through performance. It's the same play as the one he wrote two years ago, but it's sharper, deeper, darker, funnier.

Pat's talking about coming back in the Autumn, to do a local homelessness fundraiser and maybe a contact project with TY and secondary school kids in the Thurles area... I've offered to document the process through video!

Here's Pat, Sophie und ich in De Burca's bar after the performance!

My Animation MOOC Proposal

For my sins, I decided to put together an IADT application to run an animation MOOC - a Massive Open Online Course - with Iversity in Autumn 2013. We're in the public voting phase, up against hundreds of courses from (mainly German) institutes and universities - subjects ranging from international politics to remote sensing for earth observation. A very interesting process whether we succeed or not. Please log on and VOTE for the MOOC to get it through this phase!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Assessment and Evaluation Module

A final two days on IADT's Assessment and Evaluation course, as reflective essays, other submissions and our normal work tasks hang over us...

Here are the Assessment and Evaluation gang on the roof of The Cube...

The Prezi of our 'alternative methods of assessment' presentation is at...