Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Module Design ONE: Examples of Study Programme Documents

These are examples of documents from Journalism Programmes, provided here as discussion documents for your programme teams… We are not presenting these documents in any way as templates, nor are we implying that either the ‘shape’ of these programme documents, or the content within are in any way ‘best practice’ or ‘the way things should be done’. You may be able to draw from some aspects of these documents. Please feel free to disagree with some of the approaches taken!

Module Briefing document for an IADT Broadcast Production MA module (this is typical of a cut-down module descriptor document which would be given to students at the start of their module).

www.davidquin.ie/IADT - MADPD_Mod_WBM.pdf

Matrix mapping Modules against ECTS, contact hours and allocation of marks

Matrix mapping Modules against Programme Learning Outcomes

Matrix mapping standards, PLOs and modules

(this is an invented matrix, so apologies for any non-correlations - focus on the format of the Matrix, rather than the content!)

DCU MA in Journalism - 2 page descriptor – accessed 9th APRIL 2019

accessed APRIL 2019

follow the hyperlinks to view module descriptors etc…

accessed APRIL 2019

follow the hyperlinks to reach module descriptors etc

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