Tuesday, 22 May 2018

DAAD TCA - Transnational Cooperation Activity - Bonn 16th and 17th May 2018

Grateful thanks to Klaus Birk and Beate Koerner's excellent DAAD team for their invitation to attend the Transnational Cooperation Activity 'Dissemination, Sustainability and Impact in Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships'. Over 30 National Agencies represented, including our very own HEA. I participated in two Day One Fishbowl sessions with Maggy Ovaa and Francesco Girotti, moderated by Valeria Biggi - very interesting format.

Some central learning through the two days - start every project application with 'impact' - what do you want to achieve? Dissemination also must start with the greenlight of any project, and must keep going all through your project, not happen at the end with the publication of reports etc. Great idea to develop a dissemination plan before you start, and a communications plan - make certain that all partners agree to communicate through the same platforms or channels. On sustainability - the Commission seems very keen that open access, online courses (including non formal courses) should be included as the outputs of more partnership projects - persistent digital resources adding to the knowledge base and CPD for years to come.

Some great tools demonstrated too, including two Impact assessment tools.

Great ideas! Well done and thanks to all!

opening address - DAAD's Klaus Birk

Maggy and the team test the Impact+ tool

Impact+ tool in action

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Paku San passes away!

Studio Ghibli's Isao Takahata has died at the age of 82.

image from 'kingdom of dreams and madness' film 2013 - Takahata, Suzuki and Miyazaki in Ghibli's rooftop garden


Various February and March 2018 Awards!

On the evening of Tuesday 20th March, the RTS (Royal Television Society) RoI student Awards ceremony was held in RTE. Delighted to say that IADT graduates Aoife Moiselle and Tara Woods won the Student Animation category with their film 'Consent'. The Award presented by Cartoon Saloon's Paul Young!

Paul Young ( CEO Cartoon Saloon ) presented the Animation Award to Aoife Moiselle (IADT)
(image from RTE)


Then, on Wednesday 21st of March, the inaugural national DELTA Awards ceremony took place in Dublin's Mansion House.

The DELTA Awards (Disciplinary Excellence in Learning Teaching and Assessment) was hosted by the National Forum to celebrate discipline groups within institutions who demonstrate sustained achievements in teaching and learning enhancement.  The DELTA Awards form an integral part of the overall National Learning Impact Awards designed to enhance, showcase and strengthen teaching excellence in higher education by recognising the value of teaching at a national level.  The National Forum was delighted to have Mary Mitchell O’Connor, T.D., Minister of Higher Education will attend and present the Awards.

Taking place in the Mansion House, Dublin 2 the DELTA Awards were an evening of celebration for our finalists, who are all leading the way with successful and ambitious approaches to change in teaching and learning within their disciplines.

Very proud to say that IADT's 'Critical Thinking and Creative Practice' project won one of the awards! Our project was led by Sherra Murphy and Elaine Sisson, with Fiona Snow, Clyde Doyle and myself as the project team, though the project represented our entire Faculty of Film, Art and Creative Technologies. Thanks also to IADT's President Annie Doona and to Therese Moylan (Chair of IADT's Teaching and Learning Committee) for supporting us on the night! A celebration of success and good things in Teaching and Learning!

Pictured: Andrew Forde USI, Clyde Doyle, Fiona Snow, Elaine Sisson, Sherra Murphy, David Quin, Faculty of Film, Art & Creative Technologies. Prof Sarah Moore
(image DELTA)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Mike Nguyen Animation Masterclass - Tuesday 6th February, DLR Lexicon, Dun Laoghaire

Thanks to our great friend Maestro Barry O'Donoghue of Barley Films for organising last week's Mike Nguyen Animation Masterclass (6-8pm, Tuesday 6th February) in the DLR Lexicon, Dun Laoghaire.

Mike's topic for the evening was Character Performance and Workflow and wow, was it an inspiration! Great to see a good mixture of animation students and recent graduates from IADT, from Ballyfermot and from other schools and colleges. A lot of buzzed up young people!

A few gem quotes from Mike on the night...

Animation is very simple!
All of the animation principles are to invoke LIFE!
Three things have to come together - technical, performance and DRAWING! We want to see performance, not technical! Today, some animation misses the mark sometimes!
You have to train your eyes to move beyond technical flashiness... 'Is it just moving around, or is it ALIVE?'
Is it alive, is it telling me something?
I become the character, YOU become the character, you animate. I don't see anyone. I don't see the paper. I live in the animation.
Aim to make money is short aim! Aim to make someone joyful and happy and also make money, that's HIGH aim!
You feel the movement, you live the movement. That's why it's really tiring afterwards. That's why I don't go to the gym!
The drawing will just tell you where to go - I'm just listening to the drawing!
I would love to see good films come from anywhere! Good films are hard to find!
It will get easier for you. In time you will wake up and everything will be easier. For now, you're not minding the pain! If I don't swim, I'll sink. One day I realise, just swim, and the pain goes away.
You ARE the future industry! We will always try to make things NEW and different!


Tuesday, 24 October 2017

24th October 2017 - Blog Catchup!

Following our lightning Tempus ALIGN peer review panel visit to MSPU in Moskva, Katy and I had the National Famine Commemoration in the Warhouse, Ballingarry on Saturday 30th September. Childrens' work from Katy's school projects and my short film 'A Great Silence' were both screened on the ceremony's very impressive bigscreen, Katy's low-relief collages were displayed in the marquee and we were given a big shout out in Minister Heather Humphrey's speech!

National Famine Commemoration 2017 - the crowd assembles in the rain

National Famine Commemoration 2017 - Childrens' work on the bigscreen

National Famine Commemoration 2017 - my film 'A Great Silence' on the bigscreen

National Famine Commemoration 2017 - my film 'A Great Silence' on the bigscreen

On Wednesday 4th October, it was off to Kyiv for the Tempus ALIGN dissemination conference (Thursday 5th Oct) in the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. A very successful event, with 35 Ukrainian universities represented, along with the Ministry. Friday 6th was another ALIGN project conference, this time hosted by the Cybernetics Faculty in Taras Shevchenko National University Kyiv.

Vlodimir presents at the Kyiv conference

From Kyiv, we headed straight on to Yerevan for the Tempus ALIGN closing conference on Monday 9th Oct and Tuesday 10th Oct.

Yerevan closing conference banner

DQ at tempus ALIGN closing conference YEREVAN sign-in

DQ presents - Yerevan Tempus ALIGN closing conference

Tempus ALIGN closing conference YEREVAN group shot

Monday, 25 September 2017

September 2017 Blog Catchup

For a number of reasons, I haven't been keeping up with my blog, apologies. I have however been busy on various T+L and personal projects since last March...

On Friday, 31st of March 2017, I was part of a review panel for the Slovenian agency NAKVIS. The institution reviewed was IAM – Institute and Academy of Multimedia in Ljubljana.

March 2017 - Ljubljana IAM review team

March 2017 - Ljubljana airport Lilienthal glider

On Tuesday May 16th 2017, I travelled to Split in order to participate in an AZVO (Croatian Quality Assurance agency) review of Mostar University in Bosnia Herzegovina. I was responsible for Chairing the 17th of May review of Mostar University’s Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg, ably assisted by my great friends Prof.  Branko Matulić and Marina Grubišić.

May 2017 - Mostar University - Academy of Fine Arts

May 2017 - Mostar - Stari Most

From 26th to 29th of June, I travelled to Ghent, for the latest Tempus ALIGN planning meeting.

Ghent JUNE - Dulle Griet small

Ghent JUNE - Geert takes command - cropped

Ghent JUNE - Tempus ALIGN planning meet - group shot

My film ‘Prison Room’ was accepted for the 2017 Galway Film Fleadh, but I withdrew it with apologies. Following the death of my mother on 1st of May, I just didn’t feel up to doing film festivals over summer 2017. Thanks again to the Fleadh’s wonderful Short programme team for their patience and understanding.

prison room film - parajanov in prison suit

Over the summer, I worked on a new, longer animation project component with the working title ‘desert town’ (‘Grad Bak Tallab’) and I made two experimental film pieces ‘pond’ and ‘whelan’s hill’. I also completed a commissioned film for Tipperary County Council. The commissioned film is titled ‘A Great Silence’ and is part of the upcoming 2017 National Famine Commemoration. 

Here's a snippet from The Tipperary Star of 18th Sept...

On Thursday 28 September the local primary schools project will be launched at the Community Hall in Ballingarry. Local artist Katy Goodhue has produced a series of 5 pieces of art reflecting the Famine in the local area. Based on her research over the summer for these pieces she has also gone to the 6 local schools and worked with the children to create an artistic response to the Famine in the area. These works will be on display in the community hall and at the Famine Warhouse 1848 for the Commemoration itself. A short film by local filmmaker David Quin was also commissioned as part of the Creative Ireland programme by the Arts Office and Heritage Office, again as an artistic response to Famine in the local area. This will also be screened on Thursday evening.


July - character construction 'Desert Town' film

At the start of September (5th Sept to 8th Sept), I travelled to Moskva for a Tempus ALIGN project review of Moscow State Pedagogical University’s ‘Pedagogical Management’ MA.

Sept 2017, MSPU - the ALIGN panel and our guides admire the view

Sept 2017, MSPU - ALIGN panel assembles for peer review

Sept 2017, MSPU - lecture theatre

On Saturday 9th September I was delighted to participate in Damer House Gallery’s 2017 ‘Homeland’ exhibition. My participating film was entitled ‘Who Owns The Blackbird?’

Damer House Gallery image - 2017 Homeland opening - group shot

Damer House Gallery image - 2017 Homeland opening - artists group shot

Damer House Gallery image - 2017 Homeland opening - artists

Damer House Gallery image - 2017 Homeland exhibition - my film playing

Damer House Gallery image - 2017 Homeland opening (DQ and Patricia)

Next, early October trip to Kyiv and Yerevan for the Tempus ALIGN closing conferences! I'm exhausted even thinking ahead to them!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

2017 Digital Skills in Action

On Wednesday 5th of April, as part of IADT's 2017 response to the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning's 'Digital Skills in Action' week, we organised a session on 'Digital Project Case Studies - Showcase of Community Based digital projects undertaken by IADT students to clients'.

We presented ReachOut and NRH Psychology projects from 2016 and 2017, with PCHEI's Katie Hendrick and NRH's Maeve Nolan and Simone Carton presenting, along with students including Mark, Rebecca, Anna, Sarah, Tara, Eleanor and the incomparable Jennie!

Thanks to all!

DQ presents

DQ, Mark. Anna, Rebecca, Simone, Jennie and Maeve

Katie Hendrick

The new NRH Psychology project videos will be available online soon. In the meanwhile, the Reachout/PCHEI videos are all available at...