Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tempus ALIGN site visits - Ukraina - Sumy

Monday the 6th and Tuesday 7th of June saw us conducting Tempus ALIGN site visits in Sumy State University. Two programmes 'Computational Mechanics' and 'Management of Organisations and Administration' were peer reviewed, but from a developmental rather than an accreditation perspective. Thanks to our great friend and colleague Kostyantyn Kyrychenko from Sumy State for looking after us royally during our work! And thanks to all the members of our Sumy peer review panel - especially Iryna Skliar, Julia, Dasha, Michael, as well as our core panel members Stefania, Liza Sozinova and I, expertly chaired by Paul Hyland!

Sumy State University is working hard against geographical and regional challenges to take advantage of the international and mobility opportunities which will be presented over the coming years as education in Ukraina moves towards closer alignment with Europe's Bologna Process. Kostyantyn and his team are to be commended on their efforts!

sumy - Konstantin's picnic on the minibus journey to Sumy

sumy - Konstantin's picnic

sumy - hyland and konstantin

sumy - great patriotic war memorial

sumy - konstantin's guided tour - graveyard

sumy - konstantin as guide

sumy - konstantin's guided tour

sumy - konstantin, hyland, vlodimir and stefania

sumy - two vice rectors and konstantin

sumy - hyland explains the panel

Sumy - the peer panel group shot (from Liza Sozinova)

Sumy - o grady's irish pub - yes, an Irish pub in Sumy!

sumy - train to kyiv

sumy - train to kyiv - window 

sumy - train to kyiv - hyland and konstantin

sumy - train to kyiv - conductor

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  1. It's been a great pleasure hosting such a professional and committed expert panel that has worked so developmentally and friendly! We really work as a great team in this project and I deeply appreciate contribution of our EU partners! After a hard work here at Ukrainian HEIs I really feel that our academic programmes have made a substantial step forward on the path of alignment with European academic standards and fundamental principles. Many thanks and I'm looking forward to continuing our cooperation!