Sunday, 5 June 2016

Start of June - blog catchup!

Tomm Moore in IADT!

Wednesday May 11th 2016 saw Cartoon Saloon's Tomm Moore visiting IADT, for morning workshops with DL832 Animation students and then the 75th NFS lecture in the afternoon. Tomm's artwork was an inspiration as ever!

Tomm in DL832 Animation Main Studio

Teemu and Tomm in DL832 Animation Main Studio

The DL832 gang wait for Tomm in DL832 Animation Main Studio

Invite to 75th NFS lecture - May 11 2016


Monday 23rd of May saw the arrival of four colleagues from NArFU (Northern Arctic Federal University) for a week of Erasmus Plus training in IADT. NArFU are one of our participant HEIs in the Tempus ALIGN project. Therese Moylan, Kevin Wallace, Josephine Browne, Liam Doona, David Doyle and I all assisted with the sessions.

Our guests were the wonderful Natalia Chicherina, Elena Ivanova and our good friends Olga Nizhevich and Svetlana Strelkova.

Svetlana, Elena, DQ, Olga, Kevin Wallace and Natalia (thanks to David Doyle for the picture)

The Other 1916 Conference

Friday 3rd of June saw 'The Other 1916' Conference in IADT, organised by Caitriona Kirby, Jenny McDonnell, and Maria Parsons and supported by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, under the auspices of their ‘Ireland 2016’ initiative. Professor Anne Goarzin (Universit√© Rennes 2), led our Panel 4 session with ‘The Rising goes Digital: @rchive @ffect #easter1916’, a very interesting presentation exploring digital archival representations and interpretations of the Rising in our post internet times.

I was fascinated by how many of Anne's topics were familiar to me as an old old animator! I came originally from the stable craft-base of film, was forced to confront the challenges of the Digital Turn and now, post internet, I'm trying to weave a way through de-digitisation, using the tools and platforms of the digital, whilst asserting the need to and the artist's right to retain the human texture of making and manipulation. I loved Anne's quote from Gregg and Seigworth's 'The Affect Theory Reader' (2009) 'thresholds and tensions, blends and blurs, not fixity...' Welcome to animation!

The Other 1916 Conference - some of the attendees

David Doyle, John Buckley and I did the Conference's Panel 4 presentation on ‘When Virtual Worlds Collide: The Carriglea Industrial School in 1916’. John presented his ongoing project reconstructing Carriglea and Mount Street Bridge in Unity. David and I talked about the 'Carriglea - Witness to History' blog project - a work in progress. Some very nice discussions and questions - a real encouragement to continue our project's explorations.

The Other 1916 Conference - Anne Goarzin (Universite Rennes 2) and IADT's David Doyle

The Other 1916 Conference - John Buckley prepares

IADT FACT Exhibition 2016!

Finally, the evening of Friday 3rd of June saw Brown Bag's Cathal Gaffney opening IADT's FACT Exhibition! DL832 looked great and we welcomed back friends and alumni including Ian and Andrew, Johnsie, Emily, Joe C, Colm Mc, Dee Mc, Charlotte, Lynskey, Jess, Aidan, Martin, Olya, Seanie, Claire O', Padraig (apologies, I'm sure I forgot to mention a million people!). Apologies too to Jamie Greene - I missed him on the night! Congrats to all, but special congrats to my mentees Caoimhe, Ruthie, Jamie and Morwenna! Well done! Then I headed off to Ukraina on Tempus ALIGN at 3am on Saturday 4th of June!

DL832 class of 2015 - 2016 on the Prosecco steps

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