Thursday, 22 January 2015

IADT Plagiarism Policy - staff briefing

Yesterday, as part of my Teaching and Learning Committee responsibilities, I assisted Dr. Marion Palmer in a staff briefing on IADT's revised Plagiarism Policy in the STAR. A (tellingly) small group, but excellent questions and a lively, engaged debate commences the Committee's cross-Institute briefings.

We need to get all heads (lecturers and students) around the fact that reliable and appropriate sourcing, referencing and attribution of all types of media is not just an academic exercise, but is a key research skill and a crucial part of the development of professional practice.

Uncontrolled mash-up, reuse and blasé or willful ignorance of copyright and IP issues can be the paths to amateurism, IP theft and ultimately bad business. The debate will continue over the next few months!

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