Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tempus Align in Ghent!

Spent all of last week (Sunday 28th of Sept to Friday 3rd of October) in Ghent on Tempus Align Work Programme 1 training in the spectacular city of Ghent in Flanders. Some excellent work by our Align partners from Armenia, Russia and Ukraina, with some real traction on their individual alignment projects. We learned many many valuable lessons from our Align partners, which we will take back to our own programmes, institutions and nations! And we had some fun too, with the entire group coming together to push the project forward, despite many national, sectoral and institutional challenges.

Immense congratulations to IADT's Tara Ryan on her work in developing the WP1 Capacity Building training, and a huge thank you to Andre Govaert for his brilliant organisation of the Ghent events, including the cultural activities! Immense thanks also to our European partners Mila Zarkh, Zbigniew Palka, Inna Pomorina, Paul Hyland and Romain Hulpia for their hugely valuable contributions to the WP1 training.

The final days's KU Leuven postgraduate presentations were an eye-opener - clearly showing how real-world problems, excellent research and funding can result in great benefits for students, institutions and society! A model for us all!

less than 10 weeks to WP1 Capacity Building training in Dublin!

guided tour of Ghent with Antony

Ukraina's Sumy State, hard at work

Armenian working group

Ukraina's Taras Shevchenko University's Andrii and Volodomir with Mila

The fabulous Russian working group!

guided tour of  KU Leuven's Brewing Department

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