Monday, 25 March 2013

210313 - DQ Statement to the DL041 Stage 3 students

Because I was at the GradCAM Seminar, I couldn't make a statement to my 3rd Years when all of the DL041 Animation students got together on Thursday afternoon. So, Barry O' Donoghue agreed to read one from me... Thanks Barry.

My 3rd Years! Apologies, I cannot be here with you today – I’m at a Research conference in town. I will adjourn to Baker’s later in the day – I may become disgracefully intoxicated! I want you to hear this in front of the entire DL041 Animation community, of students and lecturers.

We have five weeks left after Easter but almost to a man, to a woman, I could progress every one of you through to Animation Stage 4 right now without batting an eyelid! You’ve done some great work and you’ve already grown incredibly through this Year. Many of you came into Stage 3 as babies and you have now grown into adults in my eyes. You have transformed. We’ve worked face to face, through Blackboard, through Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, self-assessment, peer assessment and Journals. We’ve fought, argued, cried and laughed but I am incredibly proud of the learning you’ve achieved. As a group, you’ve won the IADT Christmas card, you’ve done realtime visualisation at the 2012 LIN conference, you’ve won a shot at 2 UCD Research films, done 3 or 4 music videos, a dog video, you’ve worked on 4th Year films, assessed portfolios, you’ve wowed Vivienne, Sydney Padua, Paperdolls, Tara, Eilis, Annie Doona, Donald Taylor Black, Andrew Power, Julian King, Gillian Boland and Geronimo with your maturity and sophistication! With Claire O’ Reilly, you’ve steered the exciting new Anim Soc, and you’ve kicked through your own project work, growing your learning through the year. Many of you have held down onerous jobs outside, or struggled silently whilst waiting for grants, or even chairs to arrive. Respect to you all.

For me, the greatest measure of your adulthood is that I would now like to count most of you as my very good friends.

Try to get some break over Easter, whilst I DQ struggle to make a film for Galway. You’re all exhausted, run-down, tired, ill, worried, even injured. Get some rest! We need you fresh and rearing to go for the weeks after Easter – one final push to clinch individual learning victory for each and every one of you. Keep me posted on your progress and thoughts through Journals! This means you.

People of DL041 – remember that you are the sexiest course in the sexiest Third Level institution in this country – it’s official according to the recent HEA Creative Arts Dublin Report. Everyone wants to be you. But only you are you! You’re already a gifted, talented and highly connected elite. All of you. Do not underestimate your selves!

Thanks to Barry, Laura, Damien, Keith, Geoffrey, Andy, Teemu and Steve for their mega mega inputs with my 3rd Years during this year. Most of all, thanks to you 3rd Years for being some of my finest students ever. I mean it. You inspire me. Thank you.

You are my friends. You are the future.

Maybe see you later.

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