Wednesday, 20 March 2013

2 Coursera MOOC - Distinctions!

It is with great pride (I know - I live a sad life) that I report having passed my first two Coursera MOOCs with Distinction! The results from both Emory University's 'Introduction to Digital Sound Design' (thanks to Professor Steve Everett) and Edinburgh University's 'E-Learning in a Digital Age' edcmooc (thanks to Jeremy Knox, Dr. Sian Bayne, Dr. Jen Ross, Dr. Christine Sinclair and Dr. Hamish MacLeod) have come though and I'm delighted. Thanks also to all the great MOOC students - boy did people take these courses seriously! Both MOOCs great (and quite different) learning experiences... My Coursera Certificates of Accomplishment have already arrived!

No more MOOCs for me until the summer at least! Two IADT Level 9, 10 credit modules to complete (Technology Enhanced Learning and Assessment and Evaluation) over the next few weeks.