Monday, 11 February 2019

2011 'cutbacks' on BBC!

Thanks to Brook Lapping researcher Declan Smith, for spotting my ancient Sarkozy-Merkel series of animations from my 'cutbacks' internet series of 2011. Our cutbacks animation appeared in Episode Two (of 3) of Brook Lappings 'Europe: 10 years of turmoil' series for BBC. 

Another prophetic gem from the time was this one, posted on December 9th 2011...

Sarkozy warns that the UK will be a pariah. Sometimes, money is not enough.

'cutbacks' was an animated internet series which I developed from 2008 until 2014. Its main concentration was on Irish politics of the day, an eclectic subject which meant that the series always struggled to grow subscriber and viewer numbers.

'cutbacks' was intended to act as a vehicle for developing IP (Intellectual Property) for tv, but broadcasters and funders in Ireland (RTE, TV3 (at the time) and The Irish Film Board) were never interested. We packaged the material in many different ways, but to no avail.

I did manage to develop several short films using the 'cutbacks' characters, including the award winning 'Mister Heaney, a wee portrait' and 'Leitronium'.

Will I ever be tempted back to developing an internet series? Certainly, but in the full knowledge that the choice of material is crucial and also understanding that even the simplest internet series is a neverending commitment.

There are no holidays on the internet!

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