Saturday, 21 November 2015

IADT Graduation 2015 - RDS!

The afternoon of Wednesday 18th of November 2015 saw the graduation of IADT's Faculty of Film Art and Creative Technology programmes, including our gang from DL832 Animation! A lot of the celebrations slightly cramped by the fact that many graduates had to return to work the next day (a good complaint in some ways)... For all, it's the start of dazzling careers - it shall happen! A career is a marathon, not a sprint! The best of luck to ALL!

RDS - the assembled crowd

RDS - The Robing Room

RDS - the gang in their seats!

RDS - in the line, ready to go!

RDS - Marty with her parchment!

RDS - Marty and DQ

RDS - Marty Sherra Aidan


  1. Super shots D. What a fantastic gang, they will be missed, but great to have them out there spreading the fabulousness.

    1. I love it! 'Spreading the fabulousness!' Agreed!