Thursday, 27 February 2014

Maynooth, Cintiqs and Art of/and Psychology Seminar

Busy day yesterday! First, I presented the latest version of 'anatomy of an internet series' to Barry McCabe's final year Digital Media students in Kairos in Maynooth. Thanks to Barry for the invite again!

Returned to IADT around lunchtime to discover that Dee Mc was the first of our 4th year students to get a Cintiq working! Later in the day, Anita emails me to say...

'I've been using it for an hour or so and I've done more than I'd have done in a day on a tablet (And it looks infinitely better too!)'

Woohoo! Success!

In the afternoon, in the Drawing Project in Dun Laoghaire, Brendan Rooney and Nicola Fox Hamilton present 'Art of/and Psychology' seminar.

Psychology of engaging with Film, Art and other visuals.

Dr. Brendan Rooney and Nicola Fox Hamilton (IADT Lecturers), introduce and explore some ways in which psychologists can explore human engagement with film, art, graphic or other emotional information. What do we know about the way humans engage with this art and entertainment and how can we apply this knowledge?

The session discusses the aims of psychology of art, film and design. Explore areas such as persuasive, emotional or universal design. Using research on film, the session will explore the interaction between our automatic emotional responses towards film (or art) and our thinking about the film (or art). Followed by some collaborative discussion and Q&A.

Excellent presentations and a pointer to future interdisciplinary potentials for our institute.

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