Sunday, 19 January 2014

Yerevan - Sergey Paradjanov

Sergey Paradjanov - the highlights of my entire trip to Yerevan were walking around town for an hour with my 'terrible guide' Ruzanna from YSAFA and the trip to the Sergey Paradjanov 'house museum'. I've been stuck with three film ideas over the past six months, unable to work into the projects, static. Paradjanov's museum, his life and his work have reminded me what this is all about. 'I don't make films, I make collages'. (the actual Paradjanov quote is... 'I was not allowed to make movies and I started to make collages. Collage is a compressed film'). I must now start to make my compressed films...

Tarkovsky and Fellini both got honourable mentions in the Paradjanov museum. I was home! Now in CDG Paris on the return trip. Great trip, great people, Teaching and Learning! Exhausted.

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