Sunday, 24 February 2013

First MOOC complete...

This morning I completed Steve Everett’s Emory University MOOC ‘Introduction to Digital Sound Design’. I’ve been critical of Steve’s pedagogy over the past few weeks and I’m glad to be done with this MOOC – very much in the behaviourist mode. Don’t get me wrong, I did learn on this MOOC (especially about granular synthesis) and I’m still impressed with Steve’s video resources (even if he used far too many videos). As a student, I still dispute Steve’s failure to ‘blend’ his teaching (and our learning) – he could have used pdf notes, a prezi resource or two, a few little competitions and artefact projects. I also think the failure to include no-stakes or low-stakes formative assessments (done through multiple choice) was naïve at least.

The multiple choice exam itself was terrifying as ever, almost a perverse masochistic student experience! As usual, I was 'tripped up' on several questions. This time I was watching for the trip ups. Despite this, I was snagged on a few of them!
I’m looking forward to the arrival of my completion certificate. I will be proud to receive it! Thanks to Steve Everett, Emory University and Coursera for providing this learning opportunity.

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