Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Consumers or Publishers?

I was shocked by Melissa Cole’s (2009, p.4) discovery that most students were not ‘publishers’, were passively grazing online content and had never “…written a blog, tagged an item or uploaded a video.”

I’d have assumed that my digital-native media students would already universally be publishers (especially by 3rd Year). But let’s not make assumptions about anything… In DIT's Vincent Farrell's words... 'let's get some data...'

I’ve started an informal straw poll amongst our IADT DL041 Animation students… Could and should be expanded in time to cover entire School of Creative Arts student body… And lecturers…

Do you have…
A Youtube Channel     A Vimeo Channel ⃝     A Dailymotion Channel ⃝      None ⃝

Do you regularly upload videos to…  Youtube      Vimeo      Dailymotion ⃝      No ⃝

Do you have a Facebook page?    Yes       No ⃝

Do you have a G+ page    Yes       No ⃝

Do you have a blog?   Yes      Multiple blogs ⃝   None ⃝

Do you use Flickr ⃝     Tumblr ⃝       Deviant Art ⃝       Other Media Sharing Site ⃝       None ⃝

Do you have a Twitter account?    Yes       No ⃝

Do you have your own website ?    Yes       No ⃝

How many active email accounts have you?

 Would you object to receiving college module feedback through email?     Yes       No ⃝

Do you think college work and social media should be kept separate?      Yes       No ⃝

Original Article: 'Using Wiki technology to support student engagement: Lessons from the trenches' Melissa Cole - Computers & Education 52 (2009) 141–146 - Department of Information Systems, Brunel University, Uxbridge, West London UB8 3PH, UK

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