Tuesday, 6 March 2012

First Post - from Feb 23rd

notes and responses to the 230212 face to face day

Contrary to what Vincent suggests, I assume that my subject is not easy for all of our students. I assume that a percentage of our studnets will struggle with individual aspects of our multidiciplinary activity and will need to be helped along, coaxed along, dragged along.

student survival/progression/graduation and subsquent postgrad study /work or employment in our media sector are reasonable and measurable KPIs

I do set out to change people's ways of thinking

we'll do the scholarship of learning in the 2nd session - Martina

My Teaching and Learning Philosophical statement... should include...

How do I refine teacher/student roles?

critical lenses...

Eric Mazur - Youtube - Confessions of a Converted Lecturer - check this out - inspirational

My outline PDP chart, already contains at least 10 entries...

  • My personal work - internet series, short films and other film and tv projects is ongoing
  • This PDP course (and another DCU ECTS module on online assessment) are finite - both must be completed by July 2012
  • NDLR screencast work must be uploaded by June 20th (and presented in IADT T+L showcase (June 7th))
  • DL041 course development... ongoing
  • restructure Stage 3 digital components into a cross-school 'matrix' opportunity
  • restructure DL041 course into a 3:2 BA/MA incorporating flexible direct entry, new forms of delivery, flexible pathways (including part-time, distance, module by module etc)
  • My MA? - MA by research, into the T+L (challenges, opportunities and potentials) of animation - target? early 2013?
  • My PhD? - into animation T+L - target time?

Vincent says - you can't predict the future?

We'll be learning Prezi? I don't believe Prezi's the answer to everything...

An exciting day!
I believe you can, if you're the one doing the subject research, subject leadership - then you're not only ahead of the curve, you ARE the future.

student input
interaction with peers and colleagues
interaction with scholarship and literature

What are the purposes of my teaching?
Who am I? (as a teacher?)
What is the purpose of education?
How do I think students learn?
What teaching methods do I use?

1. conceptualisation of T+L
2. integration of responsibilities
3. relationships
4. T+L assessment methods

I do tend towards androgogy - the development of adults, rather than pedagogy - the teaching of children.

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